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This is an up-to-date list of my favourite tools & tech I use daily.

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📺 YouTube Gear

Here’s everything I use to record and create my YouTube videos.

📷 Camera

My main camera is the Sony A7R II. It’s a full-frame 4K mirrorless camera with a 42MP sensor.

It’s an excellent camera that’s more than capable of shooting excellent videos. I haven’t really had issues with it for the past couple of years, and I’ll continue using it for all my upcoming YouTube videos.

I also use my iPhone 14 for B-roll and just general footage where I don’t need to bring out my camera.

🎥 Lens

I use Sony’s FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS for all my videos.

It’s a kit lens that’s relatively cheap in Sony’s lineup of lenses, and I’m more than happy with it. It does the job, isn’t trying to be too much, and has pretty good focusing.

I fix/change all the colours in post-production anyways, and sharpen them when necessary.

🎙 Audio

I use the Rode Lavalier II Premium Lavalier Microphone. I’ve only used lavalier microphones, as they make the most sense with my setup, and I like how discreet they are with video production.

It’s an excellent microphone, but I bought a 1.8M cable extender because the original length is far too short if you’re sitting over one metre from the camera.

💡 Lights

🕯 Background Lights

For my background coloured lights, I use Neewer’s 2-Pack Dimmable USB LED Video Lights.

They’re relatively inexpensive and very versatile. They come in a two-pack, and I always use them to light up my background in my YouTube videos. The lights come with a tripod, which I rarely use, but I like the fact they’re USB, so I can plug them into a power bank and be fully portable.

🎞 Davinci Resolve

The editing software I’ve used since day one is Davinci Resolve. It’s free, but there’s also a paid version.

The free version is ridiculously good, with only a few limitations from the paid version. It’s never crashed on me (so far), and there are unlimited things to do with editing videos. If you’re a new YouTuber and don’t want to pay for editing software, get Davinci Resolve.

PS: I am going to pay for the full version when I start making money from YouTube.

💻 MacBook

I bought the MacBook Air with M1 Chip in late 2021, and have used it to edit every single YouTube video I’ve released since then.

It’s an incredibly powerful laptop, whose speed and battery life are kicking on strong 16 months later. I use it to edit 4K videos, write blog posts, watch movies & TV shows, and research. I don’t think I’ll ever come across a laptop thats price to performance is as good as this one.

📚 Learning

📝 Skillshare

🍎 Favourite Apps